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Information & Contact

Name Joatan Preis Dutra
E-Mail joatan [at]
Citzenships Italian & Brazilian


UK - Brazil - Germany


Allying the best technological practices in favour of cultural activities and its dissemination, building guidelines for interface interactions, for different available medium.

Summarising the topics that I am interested (but not limited) to research:

Preferred topics:
  • Cross-Media Design
  • Interface Design Usability for different scenarios
    (Apps, AR, VR, Games, eTourism, etc)
  • Mobile Design and Context-Aware/Location-Based interaction
  • Digital Media Interaction in Urban/Open Air scenarios
  • Use of technologies to spread and preserve culture

Languages *

Portuguese Mother tongue
English Proficient user - C1
German Intermediate - B2
Spanish Intermediate - B2

* Based on the European Language Level