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Degrees Postgraduate studies

Master of Science in Digital Media

Bremen University of Applied Sciences
Digital Media

An inter-university program from: University of Bremen, University of Applied Sciences Bremen,
University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, University of the Arts Bremen


Title Master of Science in Digital Media
Period 2008 - 2011
Institution Bremen University of Applied Sciences
Location Bremen / Germany

Master Thesis

Thesis Title Digital Media in Urban Spaces: a case study in Hamburg, Bremen and Rotenburg (Wümme)

Supervisors Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter - University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Charlie Gere - Lancaster University

Thesis Abstract Digital media are present in public spaces and are connected to activities of people's routine in a way that cannot be dissociated of the idea of urban spaces anymore. Gadgets, such as parking-lot information booths, vending machines, and public telephones are a part of the city life. This research looks into the urban scenario using the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Rotenburg (Wümme), in the North of Germany, as sample. A carefully designed empirical research mapped the digital media items in the surrounding areas (a circumference of 250 radius meters) of the City Halls, using GPS trackers to tag and synchronize item's images and locations, merging in on-line maps based on satellite images.

After that approach, the digital media items were categorized under similar characteristics and functions. The discussion of each category allowed the interpretation of the characteristics and the understanding of the role on a contextualized environment. The empirical approach and discussions are supported by a deep theoretical research on communication theory, soft urbanism, mediatization and digital media. As a conclusion, a relation among the population density and the incidence of the digital media was perceived. Furthermore, the intrinsic relation of the digital media and the city is connected in a way that configures an important element on the description of urban scenarios.

Thesis Download (82 pages, in PDF format)

Master Project

Project Title StreetDroids: a context-aware mobile game

Project Description The "StreetDroids" was an one year colective project (2009/2010) combined between the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences; immersed in the Digital Media Master Program.

The StreetDroids is an open mobile game where the users/players can contribute to its expansion by an available web-editor, being able also to apply the created missions on different games scenarios, taking place in the real environment, following the concept of pervasive gaming or real world mission games.

Collective Report StreetDroids/MobileHive Final Report (203 pages, in PDF format)

Personal Report

Graphical Interface - Design Aspects (14 pages, in PDF format)

Project Activities Conducted research in the area of ergonomic design and user interface applied for mobile devices.

On this project, worked on several fields, such as Project Management and Game Mechanics, being the responsible for the design and navigation of the game, applying concepts of usability, HCI, GUI and ergonomic navigation.


Screens' selection of the StreetDroid's Mobile Game

Screens' selection of the StreetDroid's Web-Editor


Project Title e-Magister: a Digital classbook for mobile devices.

Project Description This paper was the last part of a series of tasks divided in: Market Analysis, Project Plan, Software Requirements Specification, Proposal, Poster Presentation, created for the class "Educational and Management Information Systems".

The main task was to create a conceptual mobile management tool for teachers, applied for schools in Bremen, using prototype techniques.

Prospect and Prototype Presentation Download

(15 pages, in PDF format)

Prospect and prototype preview of the "e-magister" mobile tool.


A list of taken modules during the Master program, beyond the Master Project (36 ECTS)
and Master Thesis (30 ECTS).

Modules (6 ECTS each)
  • Small Screens, Great Interactions
  • Management Information Systems - Educational Information Systems
  • Visualization, Sofinication, Mapping
  • Software Engineering for Ubiquitous Services
  • Visual Rhetoric
  • Digital Art & Digital Culture. History and Perspectives
  • Mastering in Digital Media - Management
  • MediaArt
  • Ontologies Meet Shakespeare