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Degrees Undergraduate study

Bachelor (Hons) in History and Teaching

UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina


Title Bachelor in History and Teaching *
Licenciatura e Bacharelado em História
* Originally in Portuguese language

Period 1995 - 2002
Institution UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
URL (in Portuguese) (in English)
Location Florianópolis / Brazil

Bachelor Thesis

Thesis Title History and Comics - the use of American comics as a source of historical-political-social research
(História & História em Quadrinhos - A utilização das HQs como fonte histórica político-social)

Supervisor Prof. Dr Henrique Luiz Pereira Oliveira
Thesis Download (in Portuguese language, 87 pages, in PDF format)

Thesis Description Specialized in academic research on approaching of mass culture as propagation of ideologies.

The Monograph's goal is to analyze and decode the information of the historical and social context which are instilled in cartoons, focusing on super-heroes of North American Comics. Indeed, interpreting the use of cartoons as a powerful tool of the propagation of ideas and principles makes them a valuable source of research. As Comics are part of the industrial culture, the historical and social context of the moment of its creation are present, even in a subjective way, in their stories.

Multimedia Applications applied for History

Along with the bachelor activities, were developed multimedia applications for museum and art history teaching, with focus on high school students. Bellow there are some screen examples and brief explanation about each application.

Santa Catarina Historical Museum
(Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina - )

Multimedia application for the Santa Catarina Historical Museum, with learning activities for high school students.

Surrealism: from shape to action
(O Surrealismo: da forma à ação

Multimedia application for Art History teaching, with Surrealism movement as topic.


A list of taken modules during the Bachelor program.

  • General Art History
    (História Geral da Arte)
  • Educational Psychology
    (Psicologia da Educação)
  • General Didactics C
    (Didática Geral C)
  • Theory and Practice of Writing
    (Teoria e Prática da Redaçã)
  • Practice of Historical Research
    (Prática da Pesquisa Histórica)
  • Methodology of History and Politics Teaching
    (Metodologia do Ensino de História e OSPB)
  • Teaching Practice in History for Elementary School
    (Prática de Ensino em História de 1º grau)
  • Teaching Practice in History for High School
    (Prática de Ensino em História de 2º grau)
  • Special Topic: Seminar on Science History
    (Tópico Especial - Seminário de História da Ciência)
  • Structure and Organization of Teaching for elementary and high schools
    (Estrutura e Funcionamento do Ensino de 1º e 2º grau I)
  • Theory and Methodology of the History I , II, III, IV e V
    (Teoria e Metodologia da Históa I, II, III, IV e V)
  • General and Brazilian Pre-History
    (Pré-História Geral e do Brasil)
  • Special Topic - Pre-Columbian people in Brazil
    (Tópico Especial - Povos Pré-Colombianos no Brasil)
  • Practical Portuguese - Writing I
    (Português Prático - Redação I)
  • Interethnic Relations
    (Relações Interétnicas)
  • Introduction to Anthropology B
    (Introduçção a Antropologia B)
  • Special Topic: Counter-Culture Movement of 60s and 70s
    (Tópico Especial: Movimento Contra-Cultura décadas de 60 e 70)
  • Ancient History
    (História Antiga)
  • Medieval History
    (História Medieval)
  • Modern History I and II
    (História Moderna I e II)
  • Contemporary History
    (História Contemporânea)
  • American History I and II
    (História da América I e II)
  • Brazilian History I, II and III
    (História do Brasil I, II e III)
  • History of Santa Catarina State
    (História de Santa Catarina)
  • History of Iberian Culture
    (História da Cultura Ibérica)